Removal of Conditions

This document relates to the Offer to Purchase (the "Offer") between:

Name of Purchasers:
Name of Vendors:

The Purchasers confirm that the conditions described below are satisfied or waived. The requirement for unconditional approval of financing is never waived unless the vendors agree in clear writing to waive this defect.

The Purchasers have obtained UNCONDITIONAL approval of satisfactory mortgage financing. Even if the Vendors sign this form, they are not waiving that requirement unless the Vendors clearly agree in writing on this form to waive the fact that financing is not unconditional. An unconditional letter from the lender confirming approval must be attached. Vendors should never accept approval letters from lenders with conditions.. Purchasers should not assume a letter with conditions means they have financing. Also, if the Purchasers could not obtain financing and now want to waive that condition to save their transaction, the Vendors should not agree unless they are certain the Purchasers will have the money on closing. The risk for both sides is that the Purchasers may not have the money to complete the transaction. For more information, you should talk to a lawyer.

Other conditions:

Signed by the Purchaser(s) this _____ day of _______________, 202.

_______________________________ _______________________________.

Accepted by the Vendor(s) this _____ day of _______________, 202.

_______________________________ _______________________________.

Notice: This form is made available free of charge. Therefore, any printing, storing, copying or other use of this form constitutes an agreement by you that you waive any claim that you may ever have now or in the future against Richard Carlson, R.T. Carlson Legal Prof. Corp., Richard Carlson Legal Prof. Corp., Cuelenaere Kendall Katzman & Watson, their employees, directors, officers, partners and associates in any way relating to it. You must read through this form carefully to ensure that you fully understand it before using it. Changes, additions or specific advice from a lawyer may be needed to suit your circumstances. Generic forms cannot ever suit every situation. This form is for the sale of used Saskatchewan residential properties only. It does not apply to new construction, farmland or commercial property.