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Early Morning Shop

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photographer Rick Carlson.

This shop keeper just finished sweeping in front of his storefront. If I had been a little quicker I might have caught him doing so. That would have made a better photo. I liked the orange theme when I walked by this building. The early morning sun gave all the surrounding parts a similar colouring. Back in the days of film this is how your shot came out if you took it early in the morning or late in the day. Now with so many cameras set for auto white balance, the effect is often missed. I like to leave my white balance setting on "cloudy" to record the true colour of the light (or slightly warmer). I shoot in RAW so I can easily adjust it later if I need to.

Not that long ago, streets in Vietnam ... especially by the beach ... would have been strewn with garbage. Blue and pink plastic bags would have been littered and floating around everywhere. Vietnamese people have finally learned that it looks bad and is bad for business. They take care of their streets a lot better. No doubt the relatively recent surge in tourism has encouraged them.

hide photo detail info location: Rural Area | shooting date: 2010-03-06 | camera: Nikon D200 | lens: Zeiss ZF.2 35mm f2 @ 35mm (52mm in 35mm film SLR) | aperture: f/3.5 | support: Handheld

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