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Sandhill Cranes

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photographer Rick Carlson.

I have tried photographing sandhill cranes before but they are quite wary of people. It is very difficult to get close enough for a decent photo without scaring the flock away. In order to take these photos I had to spend about a half hour approaching them very slowly crawling on the ground so they wouldn't see me. At one point 2 cranes from the flock spotted me. They took off and flew about 20 feet above me to check me out. They didn't raise the alarm as I kept my face to the ground and was lying very still. It was a real exercise in patience that paid off.

hide photo detail info location: Saskatchewan | shooting date: 2007-10-08 | camera: Nikon D200 | lens: Nikon 300 AF ED IF f4 | aperture: f/10 | support: Monopod

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