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Ruddy Duck Yellowheaded Blackbird Pelican in Flight

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photographer Rick Carlson.

Yellowheaded Blackbird

This yellowheaded blackbird was a bit easier to approach than some other marsh birds found in Saskatchewan. He seemed to be the watchdog for the pond, constantly calling to warn the other birds of potential danger while I was around. This is the male bird. The female is not nearly as colourful. It has a brown body, brown head and yellow chest area. It is also missing the white bars on the wings. You can see the white bar on the male's wings in this photo although it shows up much better when the wings are spread out in flight.

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hide photo detail info location: Saskatoon, SK | shooting date: 2006-07-03 | camera: Nikon D200 | lens: Nikon 300 AF ED IF f4 | aperture: f/5.6 | support: Handheld

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