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Rick Carlson, Canadian Lawyer WWW
Mudhens - American Coots Mudhen - Territorial Behaviour Ruddy Duck

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photographer Rick Carlson.

Mudhen - Territorial Behaviour

I was at a small pond in Saskatchewan taking photographs of birds when I heard a lot of splashing and flapping in the distance. I didn't quite realize what was going on until I took a look through my telephoto lens. It was then that I realized what these Mudhens, also know as American Coots, were doing on the water. These birds are very territorial about areas of the same pond that they share. They frequently square off as a method of keeping each bird to its own side of the pond. The birds are putting out a lot of energy as the spray of water generated by their flapping of wings and paddling goes up several feet in the air. They were a bit of a distance off so unfortunately I had to crop the image to bring them in closer.

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