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Watering New Year Flowers

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photographer Rick Carlson.

Although these particular plants have not yet flowered, there are many bright yellow flower plants to the left and right in this field. In a day or two, they will be dug out and potted for sale just in time for Vietnamese New Years ("Tet"). It is a tradition in Vietnam that all except the poorest of homes will have fresh potted flowers near their front entrance for Tet. During the week before Tet, you will find many temporary flower markets for just this purpose. The tall yellow variety are by far the most common.

From my camera position, you can hear the soothing "whoosh" sound of the water exiting the cans against the sound of crickets and birds in the fields. The 2 cans of water will be emptied in only 20 or 30 seconds so the poor fellow has to keep running back and forth to an irrigation ditch to keep filling them up. Exhausting work!

hide photo detail info location: Nha Trang | shooting date: 2005-02-04 | camera: Minolta Maxxum 7 | lens: Minolta 100-300 Apo 4.5-5.6 @ 100mm | aperture: f/6.3 | support: Handheld

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