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Rick Carlson, Canadian Lawyer WWW

Boats near Nha Trang Harbour

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photographer Rick Carlson.

Fishing boats by homes on the estuary where the river meets the ocean at Nha Trang City. The blue with red and black trim is the signature of a fishing boat in the Nha Trang area. If you encounter boats in a different area of the country, they will likely have a different but common colour scheme for that area.

The homes in the background are very close to a new bridge opened in 2003. By 2006, the homes will no longer be there as they will all be demolished and the people relocated elsewhere. The government plans to develop the land for tourism related purposes. They are not allowed to perform any improvements to the homes but the Vietnamese government will be compensating them for their loss. I am told that the compensation was not always paid or adequate in the past but times have improved.

The bright red orange flags with a yellow star are the national flag of Vietnam.

hide photo detail info location: Nha Trang | shooting date: 2005-01-29 | camera: Minolta Maxxum 7 | lens: Minolta 100-300 Apo 4.5-5.6 @ 140mm | aperture: f/8 | support: Tripod

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