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Blind Confined Man with Snake and Children Minority Girls with Child Mannequin Making Clay for Bricks Brickmaker Harvesting Rice by Hand Field Worker - End of Day Straw for Making Grass Mats Morning Catch Salvaging Brick Police Boat School Girls on Bicycle Children & House Boat Riding in the Rain Boys on Bridge The Power of Coke Boys on Fence Child on Boat Happy Lives Elderly Fisherman Ethnic Minority Woman & Children Japanese Bridge - Exterior Escape Small Vietnamese Village Morning Market by Water

Photographs of Vietnam - Rick Carlson

These photographs were taken by me over the course of 12 trips to Vietnam between 1996-2012. Several photos were taken in the area of Nha Trang City where the majority of my wife's family lives. I hope that in viewing my images and reading the accompanying comments, you will learn more about this very interesting country and its people.

All of the photos prior to 2006 were taken on either colour slide film or black & white film. A digital camera was used starting that year, making this work so much easier. If you're curious when they were taken, or about other details, you can use the dropdown menu on the upper right hand corner of this page labelled "Listing Type" and choose one of the detailed listing options.

Thanks for taking the time to view my photography.

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