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Birds of Saskatchewan



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Saskatchewan Birds

My son, Sang, has always been interested in migratory birds. Every fall we marvel at their mass departure and await their return to Canada in the spring. When he was younger, if we had a few minutes and were in the vicinity, we would stop by the weir on the South Saskatchewan River at Saskatoon to watch the pelicans. They love to stay near the moving part of the river ... presumably because it is a better feeding area.

You can see their feeding technique if you look at the photo where the pelicans are in a group facing inward and ready to plunge their heads in the water. Apparently doing this in concert keeps the fish or whatever they are after in the middle so they are less likely to escape.

If you notice a peak growing out of the top of a pelican's beak, it means that it is breeding time for them.

Now I particularly enjoy the challenge of spotting sandhill cranes. They are much easier to photograph in the great migratory bird refuges in Nebraska and even further south. They know they are safe and have no problem being approached within reason. As they travel further north, these birds are keenly aware of hunters so it usually takes great patience to be able to approach them within photographing distance. They seem to tolerate someone inside a car without too much problem but if they are further in the field, you would need a telephoto lens far beyond my budget. Therefore, for most of the crane photos in this site, I had to slowly crawl on my belly for more than half an hour, and play dead when a few of them flew within a few meters overhead to inspect me, to take these pictures.

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