Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program - Immigrant Business Entrepreneurs

I don't practise immigration law specifically. However, I often work together with immigration consultants who are helping potential investors move to Saskatchwan under our SINP Program ... the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. There are two sides to this program.

Family Class

One side of SINP is designed to help Saskatchewan residents nominate family members to move to Saskatchewan. The conditions are more relaxed than Immigration Canada's regular rules. For example, you may be able to sponsor a nephew or neice from another country when you wouldn't be able to under the federal rules.

Business Entrepreneurs

Another side of SINP is designed for business entrepreneurs who want to invest in either an existing or new start-up business in Saskatchewan. In the course of doing so, they will need a lawyer for many purposes including:

  • Understanding Saskatchewan and Canadian business law;
  • Incorporating;
  • Purchasing or establishing a business;
  • Review or drafting a commercial lease, franchise agreement, contracts, etc
  • Purchasing a home since they will be moving to Saskatchewan

I regularly work in the above areas.

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